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About TriDri

"I’m a diver and when I’m diving and standing around, especially if the sun shines, I perspire; everyone does. 
I also wash out my drysuit regularly. I’ve rigged up many combinations of plumbing pipes and fans to dry the inside of my drysuit. Eventually I decided to design a more portable lightweight solution – hence TriDri. 
We did a survey at Dive 2011 and found that many other divers had the same problem and they really liked the prototype we had with us. So, we went ahead and started manufacture."

Howard, TriDri



What is TriDri?

Dampness makes you cold, can create smell and degrade seals and your drysuit generally. Drying the inside, particularly the boots, can be difficult; it can take up to 2 weeks if soaking wet. (See Specifications & Drying Trials)

TriDri is a simple to use telescopic tube device with a small low voltage fan powered from any USB socket. TriDri arrives ready to use out of the box with cable, UK Mains power supply and instructions.           
TriDri can dry a soaking wet boot in 2 hours. (see Drying Time)

This is a really useful addition to your SCUBA kit. NIWA Scientific Expedition under Antarctic Ice uses TriDri to dry their suits for the next dive.   
By making a TriDri part of your SCUBA Equipment, you will never have to put on a damp drysuit again!



                              TriDri                                        Semi-Rigid Boarding Ladder - 3 Rungs



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TriDri dries the inside of your drysuit.

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Hello Divernet

We have the solution to damp and smelling drysuits. We are proud to feature our innovative product amongst the Diving Community.

Any questions, please do get in touch.

Howard at TriDri