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Cameras Underwater has been a leading supplier of underwater camera housings, lenses, lighting, and associated components since being established in 1991.

A wide range of underwater lighting, cameras, diving lights and accessories.

You don't need to be an expert photographer or a SCUBA diver to take underwater photographs or use a camcorder underwater; but if you're new to the game, this section might help you to understand what all of the equipment does and give you an idea of how to use it and look after it.



Our Products


Our range of underwater photography products includes: 



Cameras                              Housings                            Lenses                                Filters     



            Lightings                 Arms, trays and tripods            Parts and spares                Accessories      


A range of packages are also available on our website.     

Featured Products

Olympus TG-4 Camera

Camera is depth rated to 15m underwater.

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Ikelite Gamma II Waterproof Flashlight

120m max. depth. high-intensity 350 lumen LED Colour temperature 6500K Aluminium body

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Fuji XQ2 Dive Bundle

Includes Fuji XQ2 camera, Fuji WP-XQ1 dive housing (40m), 8GB Fuji SD card and Fuji canvas case.

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Hello Divernet

Proud to feature on this new diving marketplace! We hope all divers, recreational or professional will love taking underwater pictures with our cameras.

Any questions, please get in touch.

Cameras Underwater.