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Buddy-System: Importance of the buddy

The reliable companion for a safe diving experience. Under water, the dive buddy can be the best life insurance. Continuous contact to the buddy is an important safety aspect that needs to be considered in sport diving. According to the journal 'Divemaster', 24% of the examined diving accidents can be traced back to the loss of the dive buddy. Alarming 86% of these accidents ended fatally.

Other devices found in the sport diving industry do not offer a satisfying preventive function. Applications are either complicated or highly expensive.


With the BUDDY-WATCHER® we have created a means of communication that, as a preventative system, helps making sport diving considerably safer. In emergency situations the BUDDY-WATCHER®  can even save lives. It offers safety at a reasonable price. The BUDDY-WATCHER® operates in a frequency range that does not affect the balance of the underwater world.





How Buddy Watcher works

The water is clear, the view seemingly endless. What starts off as only a dark outline quickly turns out to be a school of barracuda. Your buddy, however, does not notice them.

The perfect time to use your BUDDY-WATCHER®!

You push the call button and in the blink of an eye your buddy’s device VIBRATES.  He looks at you and sees you pointing at the barracuda … .This is but one of many possible situations in which the BUDDY-WATCHER® can be used for easy and fast communication between dive buddies.

In order not to disturb the magical moment of tranquility when diving, the BUDDY-WATCHER® devices communicate by using VIBRATIONS and red, glowing LEDs - no noisy acoustic signals, banging sounds or radiotelephony.



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